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Wedding Film

Videography is the perfect compliment to wedding photos. Where the photos pause a moment forever, video shows you the beautiful motion and energy from the best day of your life. It allows you to relive it all: your personal vows, ceremony, and all the speeches from your family and bridal party. You plan this incredible day for months and it flies by. You’ll never regret having a video to preserve your favorite memories and to remind you how it felt.


Every wedding has its own story that we love to tell and gives the bride and groom something to look back on year after year.

We’ve been delighted to meet wonderful people and capture weddings & love stories worldwide.

Here is couple of stories which have touched our souls and hope will inspire yours as well. 

Mikaela Lauren & Peder  Wedding, Stockholm,Sweden

Mikaela Lauren & Peder Wedding, Stockholm,Sweden

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Mikaela Laurén & Peder Södersteen

Filmed By Razza, Lillian & KGZ Fougstedt

Edited by KGZ Fougstedt