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Do You only Cover Sweden?

Not at all. I am based in Norrköping, Sweden however I work in  Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and Russia. In 2017, about 3/4 of my work were in Sweden and 1/4 were spread around the Europe. 

Will you travel for weddings?

We love to travel, so we are ready and willing to tag along and give you the best experience! 

We would love to meet with you at your studio, but we are very busy or live out of town.  What should we do?
I would love to Facetime, Skype or chat over the phone.  This is the perfect opportunity discuss details, questions.

What’s your style and approach to photographing a wedding?

My style is natural, beautiful. The style of my work leads from my approach, which is primarily to document the day as it happens, capturing the natural and intimate moments. I´m usualy with you when you prepare hair, makeup, dress and also details photo & film. I cooperate with one of the best fashion & wedding Photographer & videogrpher regarding photographing the couples portraits because I want to give you the best couple pictures. KGZ have a different style than me. His style is an artistic innovative way to visualize your wishes in film & photo. We gives usualy a little direction, but in the main we want you to be you and to feel relaxed and have fun. 

So Who will be photographing my wedding?
I pride myself on offering the very best for all of my couples.  We have photography packages offered with only me as the photographer. We have also other packages that would involve My highly professional and talented cooperated KGZ Agency, and/or associates, to photograph your wedding. Regardless, I handle all the office work, communication, and editing of all the weddings so I can relive your memories and edit the best moments of your life.

We are not used to having our photo taking. Will the results still be good ?

Don't worry, this is the most common concern I get. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable.

There will be times when you won’t even notice that I am taking your photo. This is often why pre-wedding shoot are a good idea; it gives you a chance to get used to being in front of the camera. When we go for photos with the two of you I might do a small bit of directing. It will be very relaxed, the aim being for you to react naturally, be comfortable and have fun! After all, it is your wedding day and you want to enjoy your time, not end up feeling stressed about the photos.

I also have cooperation with which is a rewarded photographer to make sure you get the best couple photos.

What if it rains on my wedding day ?
I  have worked in all different conditions. We always have a backup plan. Umbrellas can be used too, which have a stylized effect to the photos. No matter the weather, we always have a backup plan in line for you!

Do you take family, bridemades photos on the day?
Absolutly. This is the one time you have all your loved ones together so I understand you might want some family photos. They can easily end up eating up the time, so I aim to keep this part of the day short and informal so you can spend lots of time with your family and friends. I recommend no more than 10 set ups, which will take about 20 minutes.

Does your company provide videography services?

Of course, We also provide videography as well as cinematography services. We work with Sony 4K professional video cameras & DLSR Video Cameras , drones. We will fully edit the footage so that we can provide you a professionally crafted Wedding Video.  We will also provide the unedited footage for your use.


Do you have only Full Days package?

No, we have diffrent packages depending on your demands. We have packages starting from 2 hours coverage.

How many pictures do you deliver?

There is no exact number of images delivered. It depends on which package you choose. I usually deliver between 50 to 600 images.

What means images in 2000 pixles Resolution?

Thoses images you can share with friends & family, on social media or printing it out up to 18x24 cm.

What means images in 4000 pixles Resolution?

Thoses images are high resolution which means that you can printing them out up to 40x60 cm.

Do we get edited photos?

Yes all photos that includes in your package will be delivered fully edited and ready to be printed or shared online. All photos are also delivered and edited in both color and black & white. You can also order NO edited Photos by us which you can edit by yourself on Social Media.

Can we order prints with frame through you?

Of course! I only print on exclusive ecological Fine Art paper up to 60x100 cm. We have also 60 different frames. Our popular frame is handmade from Italy. 

Do you also offer albums?

Yes I do! Handmade fine art albums, designed from Germany.

How long does it take for an album or albums to be produced?
Production times vary, but usually within 4-6 weeks from the time you select your images.  You will receive layout link which you need to approve before it goes to print.

How and when do you deliver our photos?

I will deliver you photos within 1 week after your wedding in a password protected online gallery. You can choose those images that you would like me to edite. I will then fully deliver/post All edited photos on a custom flash drive whitin 6-8 weeks. 

If you have an album or prints as part of your package we will have a chat about these once you have received all your images. 

Do you need food during our wedding?

Yes please! To do my best I need energy and I really appreciate a good meal. It will give you more photos since I don't have to leave the moments to get food.

Can we share our photos on social media?

Of course, please do! You can print & share you photos as much as you want for private use but not commercially.

How do we book you as our photographer?

You can fill in my contact form to see if I'm available on your date. In order to reserve/secure your date, a bookingfee (25% of the total sum) and contract needs to be paid and signed, then your date is booked.  In order to secure a booking, I need a signed contract and a booking fee.

Can you meet us in the middle regarding pricing and budget for our wedding day?
Don’t let budget and pricing steer you away from booking us. We are happy to work with you on your budget as long as it’s within reason. There are lots of photography associates that work with a variety of budgets.  No need to price shop and get overwhelmed with the hundreds of photographers/videographers out there.

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