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About me

Who am I ?

My name is Razza Z and I´m thirty something. I am a female wedding lover with passion to give the brides a day to remember with top quality photos, dress, save the date cards, invationcards, transportation, album, thank you cards etc basicly capturing that special occasion in your life. 

I am in love with everything about wedding. From the dress, flower, ceremony, Reception. My style is  documentary photography, it's the best way to tell the story of your special day. 

My Story


I was interested in wedding at an early age. When I was at the weddings I was fascinated by the photographer and film team. When I was 16 years old I work as photoassistant for a very talented and well known photographer KGZ Fougstedt www.kgzagency.com and as a teenager I spent hours watching him taking pictures and working in a dark room. He was inspiring enthusiast and he always had a camera hanging from his neck.

At first I just liked to be apart of his work and be at weddings but he was also very eager to start teaching me all he knows about photography

​I believe this is how it all started... 

Even when I choose to get my degree at ''travel and tourism'' & "Revenue Management". I never gave up on Wedding. I ended up working 10 years in the Hotel business. 

I ́ve always been in touch with KGZ however I came across KGZ when he needed my help with several photo job in 2017 when he started one of his Studios in Norrköping www.carlsbeckerstudios.se which we now both work together.

​I continued my adventure with photography with him again and become familiar with photoshop and began learning about printing. When the moment came, I decided to connect work and passion into one.

I find photography incredibly interesting and I like to know more and more. ​

​After completing all equipment and hours of practising and still try to learn more, Our team is here for you, offering a day to remember with top quality photos capturing that special occasion in your life.

My Photo Style

We always work together, Me and KG.

My photo style is romance, romance, romance with simple, colorful and also daylight which i I love to take advantage of !

KGZ photo style is an artistic innovative way to visualize your wishes in film & photo.

We are obsessed by emotions, love and be able to tell a story in pictures. If it’s on a photographic or film print, it happened for real. That feeling, that moment, right there .

​To have the opportunity to be with you all day, and then to deliver memories that they will carry with you the rest of your lives, is truly an honor. 

Huge thanks to all the couples who have trusted us to document their special day!​



Tel Razza: +46-730 303 304

Tel KGZ:    +46-705 698 566




Bridal By Razza

Tel: +46 -762 246 156



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