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About us


Who are we?

Bridal By Razza is a Sweden based Wedding Photo & videography studio that was started in 2019 by Razza Z. 

Our Photo Style

Our work is best known for its colorful, contemporary, cinematic style of portraiture. Our love for storytelling and wedding photography has allowed us to capture weddings worldwide. We have photographed weddings for stylish couples that want to remember their day as more than average. 

In the beginning, we created a style of photography that puts your story first, and allows for us to capture your environment, your love, your emotion, and the people you cherish on the most important day of your life. This isn’t marketing fluff, we know how important of a decision you have to make when choosing your photographer, and we don’t take any of our clients for granted. 

Our goal

Our goals for our clients are simple. First, provide an absolutely incredible client experience from start to finish. Second, provide our brides and grooms with creative photography that matches the vision our couples have of their wedding day. Our style and message is consistent in every wedding we photograph.Since 2010, Our team has documented over 100 amazing couple’s weddings all throughout the world.

We photograph weddings throughout Norrköping, Östergötaland, Stockholm, Göteborg and at destinations worldwide.  Our studio is unique in that we have a team of talented photographers, however we have maintained a training standard to deliver consistent quality to our images.  That way our clients have the reliability and customer service of a larger company, while maintaining the artistry of a smaller one.

We are obsessed by emotions, love and be able to tell a story in pictures. If it’s on a photographic or film print, it happened for real. That feeling, that moment, right there .

​To have the opportunity to be with you all day, and then to deliver memories that they will carry with you the rest of your lives, is truly an honor. 

We have clients throughout the world who have had us document their wedding in our unique style, and we have been able to create memories for them beyond their wedding.  We consider ourselves life photographers, rather than just wedding photographers.

Every couple has a love story, we want to tell yours…….

Huge thanks to all the couples who have trusted us to document their special day!​

Swedish Championship Finalist & World Photographic Cup (WPC)


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"



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